Adult Coaching

Adult Groups

Small graded classes, suitable for players of all standards.

  • Lessons 1 hour
  • Maximum 4 students
  • Weekday evenings or Saturday classes
  • Graded classes – all standards
  • Stroke analysis, rallying, singles and doubles play whilst improving your fitness
  • Make your own group or join one of the existing groups

Cardio Tennis

Enrol in a high energy Cardio Tennis class now to get fit, have fun and enjoy playing tennis at the same time.

  • Lessons 1 hour
  • Weekday evenings or Saturday classes
  • High energy fitness workout based around tennis, utilising heart rate monitors to accurately determine heart rate, amount of calories burnt whilst enjoying tennis with music playing
  • Suitable for players of all ages and standards

Private Lessons

Suitable for all ages and players from Beginners to Elite. Beginners can accelerate their learning, whilst competition and tournament players can utilise private lessons to work on a specific part of their game. Alternatively you may prefer to learn individually rather then a class.

  • Lessons 30 minutes or 1 hour

Ladies Morning Classes

Great way to start your day and improve your fitness at the same time.

  • Small graded classes
  • Either make your own group or join one of the existing classes
  • Maximum 4 students per class
  • Stroke analysis and correction, rallying, scoring and matchplay
  • Classes available Monday to Friday